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Holistic Wellness Coaching Content

Holistic Wellness Coaching

 Holistic wellness is an approach to being healthy that looks at a person's health as the whole being; mind body and spirit. Instead of focusing on problems in one aspect of life, illness, specific parts of the body, this ancient approach to health considers addressing the whole person and how the individual interacts with their environment and the interconnection of mind, body and spirit. If someone has physical pain, their mind will suffer. If the spirit is troubled, the mind is confused. 

The Holistic Wellness Coach work with individuals and groups through a holistic process to facilitate and empower the client to achieve self-determined goals related to whole-being health and wellness. Successful coaching takes place when coaches apply clearly defined knowledge and skills so that clients mobilize internal strengths and external resources for sustainable change. 


Child/ Family/Relationship Content

Child/Family & Couples Counseling


Child & Family counseling services nurture positive communication and skill development within the family unit. Counseling may focus on self-esteem, relationships, unwanted behaviors, depression, anxiety, anger, and support in making life decisions.

Family therapy may look different for each family depending on their desired outcome. Our caring professionals may meet with the parent/guardian and their child, an entire family, or sometimes it means meeting with the parent/guardian of a child to discuss parenting skills while the child receives individual therapy. Family therapy focuses on parenting skills, communication skills, family dynamics, and attachment issues, etc. 

Couples Counseling assists couples work through different issues such as marital conflict, grief, foster/adoptive issues, structure or rules at home, co-parenting struggles, and much more. 


Rehabilitative Touch Site Content

Rehabilitative touch therapy

Therapeutic holding soothes the unmet need for healthy connection. It provides a safe way to harness the stress-reducing biochemistry of the human body.  Healthy Communication such as holding boundaries and expressing needs are modeled and practiced throughout each session , strengthening these skills in clients.  

Skills learned increase the individuals ability to build connections, self-esteem, intimacy , stability, trust, and acceptance. Therapeutic Touch is also scientifically proven to reduce stress by reducing cortisol levels that produce stress, anxiety, and depression.   

Who would benefit:

  • Anyone wanting to experience closeness and intimacy again within a safe and platonic interaction would benefit. Whether you are grieving a death, break-up, divorce or just far away from family, studies show Therapeutic Touch can re-stimulate the feeling of connectedness.
  • Know someone living courageously with a terminal or chronic illness ? Medical studies have proven Therapeutic Touch has significantly strengthened and enhanced the quality of life of premature infants and the senior populations.
  • Therapeutic Touch is also the perfect modality for those on the autistic spectrum who are adverse to touch or survivors of physical/sexual trauma to learn how to communicate needs, healthy boundaries and navigate through the most basic level of human interaction; touch empowers the individual and helps to develop our sense safety and belonging.
  • Have high stress job or struggling with Social Anxiety, PTSD, Compassion Fatigue, or high levels of Cortisol ? Well get some Oxytocin!

" The mind needs to be reeducated to feel physical sensations, and the body needs to be helped to tolerate and enjoy the comforts of touch. Individuals who lack emotional awareness are able, with practice, to connect their physical sensations to psychological events. Then they can slowly reconnect with themselves. ”

 Bessel A. van der Kolk — 'BEFRIENDING THE BODY 


 *** All military, social workers, therapists, teachers, doctors, nurses, CNA, foster parents, firemen, policemen, EMT, cameramen, senior citizens, and those with physical or mental health disabilities get 15% off ***  



Massage Site Content

Massage Therapy

Massages are customized to your individual needs. Each and every body is different and requires different therapies to help facilitate healing and deep relaxation. Various therapies are utilized to relieve tension and habitual holding patterns, promoting healing of tissues and ease in movement. Among many other benefits, massage sessions increases circulation while gently calming the nervous system. 


Chakra Balancing site Content

Chakra Balancing

During this balancing session your energy centers are activated by placing attention and intention on the location of each chakra, and by using the vibration of specific crystals or mantras, to increase the flow of energy. This ancient practice leads to deep purification, transformation, and rejuvenation to your system. 


Reiki Therapy Site Content

Reiki Therapy

 Reiki is a complementary, energy-based healing modality. It has ancient roots, but is uniquely suited to modern nursing practice. Reiki training offers a precise technique for tapping into healing energy, or ki, and transmitting it through touch. Reiki treatments are gently balancing and provide energy that supports the well-being of the recipient in a holistic and individualistic way.

 Relaxation, pain relief, physical healing, reduced emotional distress, and a deepened awareness of spiritual connection are among the benefits attributed to Reiki in anecdotes, case studies, and exploratory research, as summarized in this review of literature. Reiki is easily adaptable to nursing practice in a variety of settings, and can provide support for the practitioners of Reiki themselves, as well as benefiting those they treat with Reiki. 

Reiki: a supportive therapy in nursing practice and self-care for nurses.
Gallob R. J N Y State Nurses Assoc. 2003 Spring-Summer;34(1):9-13. Review.

 *** All military, social workers, therapists, teachers, doctors, nurses, CNA, foster parents, firemen, policemen, EMT, cameramen, senior citizens, and those with physical or mental health disabilities get 15% off ***  


Feng Shui Interior Design & House Cleansing Site Content


Feng Shui Interior Design

Ever walk into a very pretty, well designed house but it felt cold or do you feel uninspired in your office, have trouble sleeping, no spice in your bedroom? Then you may need a soft feng shui remodel. Our environment, especially the environment we rest, eat, work , and commune, holds energy just as our body does and if not balanced you will feel disconnected to it. Using the ancient elements of Feng Shui we enjoy bringing balance to your space and making your house feel like home. 

House Cleansings

Using essential herbs, oils, and crystals we will clear old energy of previous owners in your new home, protect negative energy from entering with frequent company, dispel negative energy after huge conflicts, or replace dead space with positive flowing energy.